chicago day trip

the best & worse

Many things in Chicago are in the completely opposite sides. The safest

the capital of architecture


cloud gate

the first time to go across the time zone

The true first day of 2019 VEX Worlds

Fantastic & Unsatisfactory flights

The marvellous sun rising in the morning on the flight from Xi'an to Beijing
The first trip begin at 6:00 in the morning, it’s the most intensive boarding for me, which we arrived the airport an hour earlier and boarded before the taking off for just 30 minutes.
Also, the huge robots are carrying to the special channel. I heard the obvious noise when the conveyor belt was running.

On the flight, everybody was very tired because of staying up the whole night. But I didn’t feel sleepy, looking at the outside of the windows. It was charming and moving and also I have never seen the sunrise before.

May be the FIRST DAY?

It’s 2:51 now. I am in the robot laboratory in the school with my team members.

Everything is prepared. We’ll set out at 3:30. It’s surely the earliest time that I get to school and the earliest time to leave school. My classmates will have the mid term examination. I am a little fortunate but also a bit regretful.

I deem that today’s work about programming of autonomous is greater than any other day. I have debugged 4 kind of programs in different position. You know that, the feeling of hit the ball completely is really fantastic.

The 9 days VEX Worlds trip is beginning from now. There must be something exciting and also depressing. But everything will become the most valuable and forgettable memories and experiences for me.

By the way, perhaps I can be the one who waving the flag in the central stage at the VEX Worlds opening ceremony.

I don’t know why I am not sleepy at all now, although I was so sleepy right now. Hope it can be a good starts!

We’ll go to Beijing at first, and go to Chicago maybe one day later.

Coming back

How is life? Fantastic!

long time no see!

It’s been a long time since I has wrote the last passage. But I am sure that I will continue to writing in future.

Special date

The mid-term examination will begin tomorrow. It must be the longest and richest exam I had ever participated. A little nervous with excitement. I don’t know what will be asked tomorrow, but I really enjoy the exam by English.

So, why I am writing now instead of reviewing? I planed to review the geography and history during the late-self study. To my surprise, I finish my goal earlier and even review the chemistry and physics.

Country Road Take Me Home

I could say that it’s the best song and lifelong song to me. It involves too much motions and affection for me. I still remember listening this song in the whole time of staying on the Boeing 787 belonged to Hainan Airline. That’s a trip has had left a deep mark in my heart and also has changed the rest of my life.


Coming to the international course, there are many unbelievable and surprising things happened.

  • I met CRX many times by accident.
  • I got back to working on VEX Robotics Competition and gain the qualification to go to the World Championships. (one week later!!!)
  • I finally stand on the same side with my best friends Billy.
  • All the classmates and teachers are friendly and benignant.
  • Many times when I was doing the math questions, I find the shadow of computer science.
  • I am going to participate an math competition named ARML. It’s my first time to do math by groups. I am really keen on working with groups and enjoying the different thinking collison.
  • I met a person that I even forget his name and where I met by accidently. He is from the international course in middle school who is the merely person that I have recognized in that course.
  • There are so many things I want to talk about…

Keeping on!

After writing the diary, I really feel more delighted.

Thanks for your reading.


It’s my first blog in English.

There are tremendous things to say, but I deem that I don’t have enough time.

Firstly, I made a decision that maybe the first I made by myself. It’s also why I use English. I have transferred to international class. I want to go abroad.

There are many reasons cause this decision. I think the major one is that I went to Seattle, US in winter vacation. I really prefer the atmosphere there and I got a feeling of unrestrained. And now the life here is fantastic. I can talk to foreign teacher freely and meet a group of friendly classmates and teachers.

I live in the dorm. It’s unprecedented for me to sleep on time and get up on time. Every day I feel energetic and optimism.

Just like return to the primary school life. I really enjoy it. Also, it has a lot of challenges. I face to TOEFL test and many other tests.

That’s all.

By the way, I will go to Chicago in April. Hope everything will be OK!

The last day in seattle


“Country road, take me home, to the place, I belong……”, 完强老师的吉他演唱一直回荡在我耳边。从未想过,这里,如此让我留恋。

今天西雅图市区参观的行程很紧,很多地方都只停一小会儿,但整个体验还是不错的。当我站在gas park的岸边,远眺对岸的Seattle Downtown,偶尔有几只海鸥紧贴地面飞翔,看着远处的云朵被阳光穿透,一点一点地朝我们照来。一切都很安静,一切都很和谐,站在这里,吹着海风,一切烦恼都被抛在脑后,只希望这一刻可以永远持续下去……






接着来到了微软的一个餐厅,那一瞬间,我在想如果能留住气味该多好。顺着神奇的空中木制阶梯,我们走到了sailing house,就像是树屋一样。透过窗户,可以看到里面还有人在编程。这种办公氛围真的是十分惬意。

然后就是微软展览馆和纪念品店。真的是十分激动,亲眼看到了surface studio,亲自试听了surface headphone,再看看价钱,真香!
















Boeing Factory



Introduction of Text Entry



  • pointing
  • 物体的操纵 Manipulation
  • 文本输入



  • keyboard & mouse
  • touchscreen
  • gesture

准确率不断下降,”Fat Finger”

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