A perfect event

A perfect event

A fantastic and amazing event that I will never forget

I was in the front of the lobby hanging our robot with my teammate

The VEX Worlds Champion is held in the expo of Kentucky. It’s really big and great. When I first stepped into the west wing that our competition will be held, a strong feeling of achievement and happiness came to my heart suddenly. You’ll never know how excited I was at that time.

As soon as we had finished the preparation, the team across from us came and talk with us, they are really friendly and fantastic. I don’t know why I was very pleasured to speak with them in English although my English is not very well. They are interested in China, they said that the most impressive thing for them of China is the High Speed Train. They even call it bullet train. Then we talked a lot about the differences between China and America.

guys from Texas

guys from UK, we even talked about the Brexit. :)

guys from Columbia, the people from different parts of the world are able to communicate with each other in English, how fantastic!

With my teammates Jerry, he is really funny

My friend Tony bought a customized sweatshirt printed by GirlPowered

The openning ceremony, parade of nations. It's really huge and exciting. The Senator of Kentucky also gave us a speech. I am proud of represented of China to participate the International Robotic competition

Our robot is on the competition stage "NASA", we are nervous but exciting

We are having a interview by the judgers from VEX

Now, it is 5 AM. Just debugging our autonomous program. Sitting by the lake


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