Picking up exercise again

Glad to meet you again

It’s been a long day without you, my friend
And I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again
We’ve come a long way from where we began
Oh, I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again
When I see you again

My motivation

Believe it or not, my motivation to pick up taking exercise is a Bluetooth earphone, Galaxy Buds which was introduced by ,my dormmate Dexter. I had experienced his new Galaxy Buds for a week long because his phone was confiscated by the dormitory administrator. It’s a little wired,right?

Summer vacation starts now

A colorful semester has gone

A lot of words I want to say… This period of time I studied and lived in International Course Campus really impressed me. I never imagined that I would met a group of people who are talented and friendly in my freshman. When I first came here, I was very enlightend but of course with a little nervous. However, the enthusiasm of students and teachers made me energetic and full of hope towards the future.

Super massive activities

There were many meaningful and unforgettable events and activities have been held this semester. Not only broadening my horizon but also building a bridge between the guys who have the same dream and interest with me.

I firstly picked up VEX Robotics competition which I had learned and fell in love with before. The same program but different people. I met Jessica, a very talented girl in our team, who is good at writing building log and the most important I think is that she treats everthing careful and make 100% efforts in. She is an example for me and there are many things I can learn from her.

What’s more, I participated in NSDA debate. To be honest, it was my first time to express my own views about a social problem detaily in the face of others, even in English. It was a big challenge but I also learned a lot from it. I will never forget the moment that we beat the opponents ranking the first place temporarily.

Also, taking part in many Discipline Competition such as Math, Chemistry. For instance, In the preparation of the ARML, I came into contact with the Team Match which is brand new for me. I really enjoyed the process that thinking and dicussing with others together including relay rounds.

graduation ceremony

Our fantastic bridge —— 'Bridgination'

So, it’s time to prepare for the final exam and enjoy the only moment we have in fundation period. In addition, it’s time for me to do some review.

One of the colorful activities

May is the month of all kinds of colorful activities in my school. I participated in the bridge building competition which I was really reluctant to at first.
it's our bridge: "Bridgination", the name is given by myself!

Hard and harsh

Markdown 入门指南


Markdown 是一种轻量级标记语言,通过一些简单的符号来表示多级标题、引用等不同属性的文本。对于一般的写作者,我们可以把Markdown理解为word的简约替代方案。


  • 专注于文本本身,不需要考虑文本的样式
  • 逻辑条理清晰,自动生成文本大纲,本文左侧的大纲就是自动生成的,点击题目可以自动跳转
  • 通用性
  • 个性化外观和样式

New Theme!

Long time no see! I have changed my theme into a new one.
Hope everybody will like it.

How to be scientifically online


As we all know, it’s difficult to use google and many other foreign web service in China. Here comes the final solution: VPN

What is VPN?

It’s a kind of technique which allows users to get access to some specific web. We can use it to visit foreign websites easily and stably.

VEX Programming Tips




void m(motor motorname,int speed=100,int tor=100) //定义一个名为m的函数,三个参数分别是电机端口、速度(默认100)、力矩(默认100)。

My first debate competition

New challenge

I’ve never imagine that one day I can stand on a debate stage and speak in English. My classmate Vivian who is good at English and speaks fluently invited me to participate in a debate competition because of vacancy of her partner. Thinking that the students who are good at oral English are all in the debate club, I accept the invitation at once.

Think now, I am thankful for Vivian to give me a chance to face new challenge. We should finish our debate draft early but it lasted until three days before the official competition.

Just coming back from the VEX worlds, I was excited and felt still live in the life there. Exactly, the debate competition came. Vivian and I prepared for the debate on the whole Monday night. Both of us are students living, but we used phones and computer secretly just like thief, preventing from discovering by the teacher.

My assignment was the draft of PROS. The debate topic was about refugees. I strangled my brain to write down everything I could think about. It was hard but expanded my thinking a lot.

Summary of 2019 VEX Worlds Championship

VEX 2019世锦赛总结








A perfect event

A fantastic and amazing event that I will never forget

I was in the front of the lobby hanging our robot with my teammate

The VEX Worlds Champion is held in the expo of Kentucky. It’s really big and great. When I first stepped into the west wing that our competition will be held, a strong feeling of achievement and happiness came to my heart suddenly. You’ll never know how excited I was at that time.

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